Kerala Houseboat Tour: Really exiting and thrilling experiences

Kerala houseboats are extremely popular on the planet because of their uniqueness and accessibility consistent with distinctive prerequisites of vacationers. Houseboats are one of the incomparable vacation spots in Kerala. These vessels, customarily regarded as kettuvallams, were traditionally utilized as piece flatboats, to exchange the rice collected in the lavish fields nearby the backwaters. Long ago these pontoons were utilized as a habitation by the eminence.

After a few years to expedite the visitors, these houseboats were changed over into gliding houses with a brilliant slumbering zone, western style toilets, sitting range and an exquisite eating room. The houseboats are of different styles and designs, and could be enlisted consistent with the span of the assembly or gang. The houseboats are mechanized, however regularly voyage at a moderate speed for smooth voyage. The vast majority of the rooms are cooled and all vessels have a generator. In the event that you wish to revel in a provincial sitting then you can make a request for lights moreover, and can ask the staff to switch off the lights. Also, the enhancement in these houseboats is remarkable and out of this planet.

There are various honeymoon occasion destinations in India which get the consideration of couples from encompassing the planet. Such a propelling honeymoon destination in India is Kerala. Kerala is a standout amongst the most staggering states and visitor destinations of India. The social and novel land characteristics of Kerala merit the consideration of families, mates, couples, vacationers, and extraordinarily honeymooners.

Kerala is enormously appreciated honeymoon destination in India .This is one of the needed places for honeymooners and recently wedded couples. The beautiful areas of Kerala are perfect to appreciate a honeymoon. Kerala has endless choices to offer honeymooners and couples by which they can make their honeymoon extraordinary. There are striking lakes, shores, scenes, rich verdure & fauna, verdant mount stations, richness houseboats, and heavenly backwaters in Kerala, which are all that could possibly be needed to make your honeymoon doubtful and wonderful. There is no other place in India, where you can find such a large number of alternatives for your honeymoon than Kerala.

you will see and like water lilies, lavish paddy fields, touring of coir villages, recorded & current towns, energetic universal villages, sanctuaries, palm coconut forests, water feathered creatures playing with water, neighbourhood individuals and anglers on rice watercrafts, delightful scenes, you can likewise see the stunning perspective of dusk over the ocean from the bang of your houseboat, you additionally have the opportunity to see the planet prominent tremendous Chinese Fishing Nets when your journey enters the Kochi territory, and numerous more heart taking things, which will full your honeymoon with joy. Thus, the voyage will most likely be an entrancing knowledge for you and for your adored one simultaneously.

Along these lines, in the event that you need to delight in the extraordinary days of your honeymoon in Kerala, you might as well never miss to utilize the houseboats skimming on the Kerala backwaters. Attempt to discover a voyage operator, who is giving the office to visit greatest backwaters in an exceptional cost. Likewise think about the costs and offices of a few head out orgs to get an ideal arrangement for you.

Kerala Houseboat Tour

Kerala Backwaters Houseboat Tours : Experience the Magnetizing Charm with Kerala Backwaters Houseboat Tours

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Kerala is the southernmost state in India; it is well-known for its extensive backwaters and lush green environment. It has one of the maximum individual developments in India and is equivalent to some of the residential countries in the world. It has a very literacy rate and is measured to be one of the smallest quantity crooked state in India. It is a well famous purpose on the sightseeing map of world and has been voted as one of the must see destination in a lifetime by National Geographic Magazine.

Kerala tourism is very famous for its backwaters house boat tours; visitors are very interested in Kerala’s backwaters attractions. Kerala as a state boast of huge flourishing green tea gardens and tropical evergreen forests in Western Ghats, Kerala is blessed with enormous set of connections of backwaters along with culture, arts and legacy dating back to hundreds of years. Kerala as we know is a whole intention in itself in each sense. Kerala is very well associated by a huge network of railways, air as well as waterways. Major airports in Kerala are in Trivandrum, Calicut and Cochin and are very well related with different parts of the world. Kerala boasts of an outstanding sightseeing transportation and has also emerged as a forerunner in Ayurveda and Health sightseeing conception.


The backwaters in Kerala are first and foremost a chain of salt lagoons and lakes running equivalent to the Arabian Sea coast. The group includes big lakes interlinked by canals; both synthetic and natural, fed by big amount of rivers and extend more or less half of the length of state of Kerala. The backwaters have a unique ecosystem – freshwater from the rivers meets the seawater from the Arabian Sea Backwaters in Kerala are renowned for its greenery and beauty worldwide.

The best backwaters in Kerala are found in Kumarakom and Alleppey. Alleppey is also called the hub of backwater tourism and traditional houseboats known as “Kettuvallam” are found here and can be hired to explore the extensive network of canals and waterways in Alleppey. Alleppey is also famous for snakeboats and snakeboat races and is also referred as “Venice of East” due to its similarity with Venice .Kumarakom on the other is famous for its bird sanctuary. Some of the other famous backwaters in Kerala are found in Kollam, Kuttanad, Kasargod and Kozhikode. In Kollam, ashtamudi kayal also known as gateway to the backwaters covers about thirty percent of Kollam, it is suppose to have the longest cruise in Kerala backwaters i.e from Kollam to Alleppey. The backwaters in Kuttanad covers huge areas of partly reclaimed land covered with green paddy fields, it has an amazing network of lakes, canals, rivers and rivulets and along with its dense tropical greenery, it offers glimpse into rural lifestyle of Kerala. Kasargod and Kozhikode backwaters are less explored and less known but nowadays they are becoming fast popular in the backwater tourism map of Kerala. A backwater in Kerala apart from its houseboat cruises is also known for its wildlife and marine life.

Houseboat in Kerala Backwaters

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Kerala Backwaters Houseboat Tours

Houseboats also referred as Kettuvallams are huge, slow moving boats which were previously used to ferry rice, spices and goods from different points to port, but nowadays have become a popular tourist transport mode for leisure. Houseboats nowadays are fitted with all modern amenities such as television sets, air conditioners, video etc and have become an indispensable part of leisure tourism in Kerala. Houseboats size can vary according to the number of persons to be accommodated and commonly one bedroom to four bedroom houseboats are available.

Kerala Backwaters Houseboat Tours

Houseboat tours in Kerala take you through the narrow backwaters and also give you a unique opportunity to understand and witness the rural lifestyle of a typical village in Kerala. Houseboat tours in Kerala provides an opportunity to interact with local populace and to understand and study their culture, it is quite common for houseboat occupants to interact with local villagers and purchase food items, crafts etc from them. Houseboat tours in Kerala also gives the tourists an opportunity to taste the best of Kerala cuisine with exclusive dishes such as moilee, prawn curry served to tourists on board the houseboat. Houseboat tours are an out of the world experience in itself and is primarily a lifetime opportunity to explore the peaceful and serene backwaters of Kerala.